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Super 8

June 14th, 2011 (10:33 pm)

Is it any Good?:
J.J. Abrams loves his unnecessary lens flare. That was the first thing I noticed.
This movie has been getting some pretty mixed reviews, most of the bad reviews are from people who believed that this film would be a game changer.
The problem is that this movie was never meant to be a game changer, it’s a movie that was meant to pay tribute to the old Amblin movies of the 80’s and 90’s which most of us should have been touched by.
The movie keeps very similar themes and characters to those old movies. It’s a film about growing up (E.T) and dealing with loss (The Goonies).
The movie succeeds with the children. The movie is entirely character driven and these kids are compeletely fleshed out and you sympathise and connect with them wonderfully. For most of the kids this film is their first so I forgave a few acting problems.
Also Noah Emmerich played the part of the evil military guy well and Kyle Chandler played a great part of a father who lost his wife and is getting a little over his head.
My only problem was with the creature. Although not really a problem, I feel his design looked a lot like the monsters that feature in Star Trek and Cloverfield, Neville Page needs to learn some new creature designs and Abrams needs to stop hiring him.
But that’s only a small problem, The movie is good.
If you grew up on the old Amblin movies then you will definately love this one.