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deeznutz1969 [userpic]


March 20th, 2015 (08:49 pm)

yeah going under the CUT

Well shit hit the fan in regards to plans for my daughters graduation for the first time in years I was able to do my taxes was going to get a decent chunk of change back which was suppose to go to all the cost intensive crap that goes with graduating high school. Was going to be getting about 5k was just wrapping up my taxes when I sent a message to her father saying hey just wrapping up my taxes letting you know for the first time in like 15 years I am claiming her.
He replied sorry already claimed her. WHAT?!?!?!? you knew I had expenses on her that I have been paying out of pocket for her teeth I planned on finishing out the payments with that paying her school fees graduation fees and graduation trip we her and my self had plans 1 time in 15 years he has claimed her on his taxes and she never got one penny from him above and beyond a court order child support and insurance coverage. He did start sending her gifts he paid for only a few years ago before that he would ask desuetude me to buy her gifts in his name I covered for him. I never wanted his daughter to understand why I kicked him out. He refused to grow up mentally and move out of his narsasutic box of everything is about me. 16 years ago it dawned on me that he would always talk about how things effected him how kim affected him how everything effected him and it was all about him getting last word, satisfaction, his own pleasure took precedence over everyone else. Every time I talked to him or his daughter did it was about his interest what he was doing over sharing with his daughter as if she was not his daughter. He never once has been able to have a ability to look at the world from another perspective of how does this effect me. I told that him taking that money which he never has offered her any part of the tax break he gets to her at all, is going to keep her from graduation she will not get her Highschool diploma because I am on SSDI and only get 716 a month to live on pay bill rent food all on that and his 250 a month child support and he bitches about being poor but his two boys get swimming lessons and Violen lessons and Katata lessons .....gah .... ugh what ever will write more when I calm the fuck down fucking douchnozzle