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deeznutz1969 [userpic]

True Blood review From the movies

June 27th, 2011 (08:51 am)

Yes I saw the first 2 episodes at the Movie theater woot they had the premire here in Tempe man nothing like a theater full of True blood fans and wow now I know Everyone Looooves Erik lol

Spoilers ahead I mean it SPOILERS

now unfourtanly I saw it in the theater back to back sooooo I do believe I will get stuff mixed up. so going to try to do this in order of the characters as they showed up and reactions along with other things it may fall out of order as I go on

- Sookie and fairies ok wtf are they really trolls?? man Ball Messed this up ... then again I was never a fan of the fairies in the book really Mind you I did jump (almost out of my seat) when Tara came back to say Hey to Sookie and there was a merge shot of mz troll Queen rushing at Sookie FREAKY. And Barry was there but wait a min he is suppose to be in the later books right? and poor gramps

- Also, seriously, I love how creepy the fae look when Sookie realizes it’s a trap.

-How overdone as an evil fae villain. It’s like they didn’t have faith in Harris and her plot with Niall and Breandan and Dermot and the others. I wish we could see Mr. Cataliades and his daughters, too.

- jason showing up oh got to mention my shock at how pretty her house looked holy crap right then I knew something was up was like wait a min brain started whiring and they guys working on the house was like Miss if you dont leave Im gonna call the cops and then Jason showing up in Uniform my brain went oh crap she has been gone longer then a few mins but I must mention my god he looked fine

- This might sound nerdy, but how did Jason sell that house so quickly? In this market? And I wasn’t the least bit surprised to discover Eric had bought it. In fact, the minute Jason hesitated to say who bought it, I thought, “Duh, Eric bought it.” Then, when he said some company name I was like, “Yup, just like I said. Eric.”

-jason ahhh jason look you have grown up nice to see that looks like Hot shot did you some good... and look how they pay you back Hmmmm and Wow I know this part was in the second episode but Crystal telling himn she wanted a panther baby and dipshit was shooting blanks and she wanted a baby with him but he had to ne a panther to just the look on his face as he begged her not to do this ... and yep yu guessed they did and wow that looks like its gonna hurt or does hurt Poor Jason

- I don’t like the story line about Sam and his brother ( Honestly when he showed up I was like wait who is that guy again?). I also don’t see any point, thus far, in including them or Tara in the storyline. Someone might not agree with me, but I feel like these characters are involved more than they need to be. But that may just be because I find myself mostly interested in the story lines that deal with Eric and Pam or even Laffeytte and Jesus they at least are major plot points to this season. So perhaps I’m biased

- I cannot believe Bill Compton is the King! Are you kidding me? (Yes, I avoided the expletive I wanted to use in that sentence so that I could still call myself a lady in public.) Bill is the worst excuse for a Vampire ever. He’s always so boring and so whiney. I mean, that’s how he’s protrayed in the books. You’ll probably tire of me saying that, but it’s hard to get that picture of him out of your head. There are 11 books, for crying out loud, and I’ve read them all. Bill never deviates from the whiney, emo vampire that he is in all 11 books! That’s just who he is. There isn’t any underlying desire for power.

In the show, however, I’m conflicted between the delight I feel in seeing him sitting on the throne (figuratively) and knowing he’s been plotting and planning this whole time, and the distaste I feel when I imagine the Bill Compton from the book series sitting on the throne as if he’s actually ambitious enough to seize it and keep it. It makes me a little sick to my stomach with anxiety. What is gonna happen next?

- flash backs OK sorry not sure which happened where episode 1 or 2 but Bill in 80s england using his own accent just cracked me up. and him noching on that Punk ( music punk ) and then getting caught by ( oh crap her name escapes me Flannigan I think Nan ... damn) Ok Nan and her telling him about a group of Vamps wanting to mainstream and the fact that Louis Pastor is a Vamp Bwahahahaha. Then we find out what happened between Bill and the Queen wooden bullets with a silver core man Bill oh and Nan guess thats why he fixed up the place to get rid of the blood Goup

- Andy is hooked on V and its funny as hell as he trys to hunt up more after Jason takes his supply

- Eric bought Sookie’s house, which Jason sold because he couldn’t stand the memories. Sookie wants it back, Eric wants Sookie. This is gearing up to be interesting. The actual Eric/Sookie relationship in the books is my favorite so I look forward to seeing how it is handled in the show. Eric is also participating in some public service announcements since Pam is all like whatever dumb Humans. Ah Eric we do love you Even if you built a ultra cool hidy Hole in Sookies house

- Pam is Pam, and I love her.

-Hoyt and Jessica are suffering from the Honeymoon being over and I am kinda sad over that. They fight, they make up and it starts all over. It seems like Jessica is having a bit of a problem not being a hunter. We’ll have to see what happens in this storyline because I think she might be a closet murderer. Jessica continues to struggle with her vampirism. I think she was kidding herself trying to play house with Hoyt. She’s starting to show her true vampire side. Thou I am not sure what she does to the guy in Fangtasia when she goes back and is caught by Sookie

- Oh and Tara is a lesbian now. Yup

- Arlene hates her baby because she thinks he’s evil, and he certainly seems he might be. lol loved the barbie scene.

-LaFayette and Jesus are dabbling in witchcraft. Or something like it. I think LaFayette is a really powerful witch and doesn’t know it yet. When they visit a coven type circle and he joins hands with the other witches something big happens. Of course once that big thing is over he covers it up with his own brand of humor. now second episode after Bill tells eric to go stop them from playing with dead things Eric of caorse goes and tells them stop threatens the leader IE bites her and they as a coven start to chant Laffy is like hell No not helping attack eric ( good Boy ) but whoops tara walks in tries to stake eric ( not smart ) and Eric goes after her to which Laffy is like Hell no thats my Bitch and he helps enter New Born Eric. Now where this leads do not know if its the same spell as the books or something new

- which leads us to sookie driving home seeing shirtles eric ( dammit ball ALex has no issues with Nudity NUDE dammit or at least red Bikini bottoms)

Thats it thou there is lots mind you this was last night I saw it huge and on screen eric 2 storys tall Yum but if you have questions about the second episode please feel free to ask Like I said both episode ran together in my head But wow and dammit 2 weeks till the 3rd episode I sooo wanna see Sookies reaction to Erics amnesia


Posted by: -a josh- (socraticlaughtr)
Posted at: June 27th, 2011 07:04 pm (UTC)

First of all.... Why was true blood playing in a theater?

Posted by: deeznutz1969 (deeznutz1969)
Posted at: June 28th, 2011 09:15 am (UTC)

some promotional thing with Cox and HBO that in select cities the premire would be in movie theaters but yeah I was like what???? even called the theater to make sure it wasn't a Hoax. BUt it was for real there were True blood people there, Supposedly so were the actors that play Laffy and Pam, there was HBO people and there was a raffle for some swag lol

I did not know you watched True Blood Josh

Posted by: -a josh- (socraticlaughtr)
Posted at: June 28th, 2011 04:53 pm (UTC)

I don't.
I watched the first couple episodes and realized that Anna panquin was really a bad actress. I don't believe her as a blond.

I also read the book and a half and decided that I didn't need any more cavities in my brain.

I'd rather watch Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake turned into a cable series.

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