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deeznutz1969 [userpic]

Movies and Pretties

January 24th, 2012 (09:00 pm)

Yeah bitches


So I ordered Sherlock Seasons 1 and 2 Plus a Movie called Wreakers from Amazon UK Today. Scary but there is a lot of cool stuff There I might be shopping in England from now on. The series them selves are cheaper then here in the states which is why I did it just have to go hack my DVD player to make it work on player which is easy. Spent about $46 if I am figuring the exchange rate. Not bad for 2 series 1 of which goes for about $39 here in the states. Next I have to Order the Sherlock Soundtrack maybe next week.

Yes I have developed I major liking to Benedict Cumberbatch as a Actor he seems to pick fairly good movies which I enjoy unlike the crap Gerard Butler has been making.  I just think the American Movie and TV Market has crashed and Burned there is next to nothing that I now watch on on American TV which is so sad its all reality TV Bleeck. Whereas Brit TV is Miles ahead of us Mind you they to have their reality shows but damn they are far more fun and not demeaning to my Intelligence. 

but heres a few photos of  Ben man my taste in men Run The whole Gambit ....sigh